Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Off we go....

   The new year is upon us. Fresh starts for me. You. And God knows the Memphis Grizz. To have been looking so badass out the gate in November, they really raised some eyebrows - in the bad way - in December. Left me with a losery birthday weekend and generally hurt Memphis' feelings. But its all good - the past few games have been encouraging and if we need some fired up fans then i expect bringing the Spurs (the Godfathers of Flop) and the Clippers (their disciples) to town ought to do the trick.
   Along the way I have added some new music to the playlist to kick off the new year. Thought you might be interested in what you might hear on any given game night coming up...
1. I got a buddy (shout out to Tony Ferren for digging up tracks on request!) a 4 cd soundtrack to the anime "Samurai Champloo" for Christmas. Hard to find and imported as hell, this bad boy is largely the work of a now deceased Asian producer known as Nujabes. These tracks are like a jazzy Wu Tang and I can't get enough. If it sounds like time for a ninja battle in the nowy woods, that's what's up.
2. Some classic rock in the form of Robert Palmer "Addicted To Love" and Survivor "The Burning Heart"...i don't mind some old school rockin - but i have my own standards...i need a dope remix of Yes "Owner of a Lonely Heart"!
3.David Lee Roth "Shoo Bop" - through an undercover hook up I managed to gank the sounds collection from another unnamed NBA team (hint: i hate them) and this was a gem of their collection. Diamond Dave deserved to be a bigger solo hit....i guess.
4. Kanye's "Power" (the Paper Diamond remix) - Trap is inescapable - much as dubstep was before it. That said, I actually don't mind it too much. It makes for a good anthemic arena sound. And "Power" is borderline played out so a fresh take on it was nice.
5. Herb Alpert - Bitterweet Samba (Empresarios remix) - a straight up classic and a rather bumpin remix. I guarantee you know this melody whether you think you do or not!

Oh! And I am currently on the lookout for ANY Outkast instrumentals - the older the better. I would also love to dig up the beat from Mystikal's "DANGER!"


I HAVE RETURNED! What's up gang?? So good to see you again!
It's not like I have been up to much since last we saw each other but my oh my it has been a minute since my last entry....
Well here's what's important: since we left off I have had many DJ adventures, many basketball adventures and also many basketball DJ adventures....
I took the "click effects" job at the Memphis Grizzlies which entails finding and playing all the music during gameplay. That has led to many questions, answers, anecdotes and adventures so i figured now might be a good time to reactivate the blog and keep things up to date in DJ/Grizzlies/Defective land....i plan to post new songs added to the playlist, requests i am looking for, and any fun stories i happen upon along the way.

So stay tuned and be patient with me! It's been a minute and I have lots of goodies to share!
Go Grizz! Go Tigers! Go DJ!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

a mixtape for summer

I always get inspired dj-wise in late summer. I dunno - tracks come out fast and furious, the days are long and the nights are hot, the beach is calling.....and just in time for August, I got this set recorded. Looking back i was kind of surprised at the odd batch of remixes - to have so much old stuff, it really does sound fresh. not as high energy as some stes, but definitely not lacking in the groove dept....35:00 even on this one - a perfect set for a good 3 mile run!

Cozmo's "Mouth Of Summer Madness" mix:

Website link: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/6faca1f3bde77dec9bf8d6369220dcab6467eb6f986cee32c95965eaa7bc68bc

Stevie Nicks -"Smile At You" (Youth's Going Home Dub)
Orbital-"Halcyon" (Tom Middleton re-model)
Chris Issak-"WickedGame" (Trentemoller Businessman Remix)
Outkast - "Spottieottiedopalicious" (Instrumental)
Hall & Oates - "I Cant Go For That" (Fromage Yacht Rock edit)
Major Lazer -"Cash Flow" (Classixx Glass Bottom Dub mix)
Michael Jackson "Remember the Time" (Sleeper Heartbroken remix)
Gorillaz - "Kids With Guns" (Hot Chip remix)
Outkast - "Spottieottiedopalicious" (Floyd da Locksmif remix)
Susan Cardigan - "Don't Burn Your Bridges"

Saturday, June 27, 2009

adventures in Hickory Hood

I took a journey out to the old stompin grounds a week or so ago just to get a gander at the goings on....and especially to see the Statue!

Would you believe we used to hide in these trees and lob old fruit from the bottom of the fridge onto these passing cars, then laugh our goofy little asses off?!

Defective goings on

I must say, it has been a tough time of late economically, but people must be partying anyway, because the dj biz has been good to me lately. Not that it has been easy - I have had to adapt my repertoire in several ways - but there is little money more fun to make than freelance dj money.
Last month I handled a prom (!!??), this month will involve a black family reunion, and there have been many memphis Grizzlies gigs as well.
Meanwhile, it would seem the Defective Agency, two dj's with whom Aaron B & I are closely affilliated), seem to have landed a "regular" gig as Muck Sticky's stage dj's. The D.A. has been an opening act for Muck for sometime, but with the exit of his old DJ, Furley Wally, they were asked to step up and handle stage duties. I think the first official show together was Memphis In May Music Fest......very muddy, very rainy, but very fun. Quite the adventure - and what a crowd!

I have posted up a recording of the Defective Agency set from the last Muck Show....
The Defective Agency Live @ Muck Sticky June 6th 2009

1. Bassnectar - Roustabout (BN remix)
2. Biz Markie - Just a Friend
3. RJD2 - Uprock
4. Beastie Boys - Dub The Mic
5. Esau Mwamwaya Santogold M.I.A & Radioclit - Get it up
6. London Elektricity - Strangest Secret In The World
7. Bird Peterson w/ Bugsy Flowz - Billz
8. Smashing Pumpkins - Zero (Le Castle Vania remix)
9. Johnny Taylor - Good Love
10. 3-6 Mafia - Sippin On Some Sizzurp (Tetris mix)
11. Dj Assault - A** & T****s (Nirvana mix)

presenting Moochy Khan McWhiskerface Baker (you can call her Mooch)

OK, so it has been a minute....and you're all like "What the heck has Justin been doing?!"
Please allow me to bring you up to speed, one post at a time.
I think it is relevant to mention that I have taken on a new partner in crime - a cat - which I have elected to name Mooch. She was found living under my friends Taylor & Britten's new house, scrawny and bitchy. We don't know her hard knock story, but she had some ties to that house, as Taylor discovered her in his kitchen one day like she owned the place. Unfortunately for her, their German Shepherd is NOT a cat lover.

Meanwhile, it had dawned on me that it might help socialize Arrow to have another living thing in the house for all the time I am not there. I thought it might help drain some of his intense focus offa me. While edgey around other dogs (at least when they get in his face), he has always been indifferent to cats, bats, rats, frogs, hogs, horses, giraffes, and whatever else ya got.

Cut to now - the cat is fattening up, stretching out, and taking great pride in strutting across Arrow's head when he gets caught laying around unaware...

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Memphis party kids represent?

One morning a few weeks ago I came out to walk Arrow and I couln't help but notice that there was a line of hip looking 20-somethings lined up down the sidewalk of Union and up 4th. I later came to find out that these young ambitious souls were there to audition for "So You Think You Can Dance?" I also later came to find out that a guy from our local party scene made it onto the tv cut. Now I can't claim to be buddies or even friends with Chris, but he is a very familiar face to all of us who frequent dj-driven events and shows here in the M-Town area. Even after we all started wearing pants that fit and began drinking beer instead of eating misc. pills, this guy is still keeping it real. He can be seen doing this same exact dance in these same exact jeans any given saturday at the Full Moon Club so i know good and damn well this ain't no put on. I give Chris props on having the guts to get up there and do his thing, but his attitude afterwards is overly defensive and somewhat embarrassing. Regardless, it makes for compelling TV, no?